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"After fracturing two vertabrae and spending three months in a body brace, I consulted Alida to help me restore my strength and flexibility. During the course of my treatment, she not only helped me to acheive these goals but she was able to diagnose and repair a misalignment that the doctors had not addressed.

I found Alida to be thorough and professional while at the same time very relaxed and friendly."

— Ananda Fitzsimmons

"When I began having severe back pain, I was fortunate enough to meet Alida Farrell. Her expert and compassionate approach were exactly what I required at the time. She inspired confidence and I looked forward to each session. With a concentration on breathing, posture and movement the healing progressed at a steady, comfortable level. As someone originally diagnosed with spinal stenosis requiring surgery, I am happy to report that, at this time, I am largely pain-free and leading a perfectly normal lifestyle (without ever having had the surgery). I will be forever grateful to her for the overall good health I am currently able to enjoy."

— Hedy Newman

"I met Alida about seven years ago for physiotherapy treatments. I immediately appreciated her approach and her ability to take into account not only the physical problem, but truly a whole number of aspects that could be contributing. I've been consulting her again since over a year for osteopathy treatments and am very happy with the results. The combination of her experience as a physiotherapist and her osteopathic approach make her a remarkable professional that I would readily recommend."

— Richard Cloutier

"When he was born, my son was unable to nurse. A pediatrician at the hospital suspected a jaw problem, among other things, and suggested osteopathy. So, at just eleven days old, my little boy met Alida, and things immediately started to get better! He actually started nursing for the first time in her office. Alida also performed small miracles for his colic and other sleep problems. "

— Emilie Lapalme


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